1. Odin's Loft - Bed
    Odin's Loft - Bed
  2. Odin's Loft - Ship
    Odin's Loft - Ship
  3. Odin's Loft - Furniture
    Odin's Loft - Furniture
  4. Odin's Loft - Table
    Odin's Loft - Table

Odin's Loft

Even the most timid will feel like a true Viking in Odin's loft. Sleep in a King's bed nestled in a long ship among armor and weaponry. The King's room has lots of space and a large private Jacuzzi, but don't let the atmosphere overtake you. Pillaging is frowned upon in this quiet community unless you're interested in the local antique shops.
Room Amenities
- King Size Bed
- Huge 400 Square Foot Bathroom
- TV / VCR