Nordic Inn Dinner Theater
Deceptions at Drakkarsheim


The Jarl: A power hungry Local leader who will stop at nothing to become the next "King of Norway."
The Huscarl: The Jarls right hand man, look to him to defend you in time of need.
The Shaman: Keeper of the runes. One could gain much power from her wisdom.
The Gypsy: Her crystal ball may not always tell you what you want to hear.
The Thief: Keep an eye out for this one or you'll lose a few Kronar.

Or hire a Viking Mercenary to take care of your own dirty deeds.

These and other unmentionables are the characters you could encounter during an evening at the Nordic Inn

The Setting
The Nordic Inn at Drakkarsheim is the central gathering place for everyone from the village, as well as the outlying areas. It is also an important stop for traders to and from this seaport, and a good place for travelers just passing through to rest up. The Innkeeper, Steinarr the Crazy Viking, pours a pretty good pint of ale and his meals are not to be passed up. Actually, they can't be passed up because there is no other place for miles where one might get a meal. Steinarr is a great source of information. Every story, joke or piece of gossip entering Drakkarsheim seems to end up here. Sometimes his serving wench is here as well, when she's not cuddled up somewhere with a male companion.

Aside from a few faces you might recognize, most customers tonight aren't familiar to you. In fact, some of them look downright unfriendly. No matter. You are here to take care of your own personal business, whatever that might be, and a few ugly mugs aren't going to distract you. Mingle with people, learn their identities and find out how they may help you fulfill your objectives, but remember, trust NO ONE!

The Overview
The Object of " Deceptions At Drakkarsheim" is to have fun!! The more you portray your character the more fun everyone will have. You need Kronar to play this game. I recommend starting with 10-15 unless you plan to have a few drinks. You have objects worth something to others in the room and they have things you need. You may never spend a Kronar if you trade, barter and steal. If the evening falls your way and you play the game slyly, you could win a bag of 15 Kronar or a Nordic Inn Stein. If you play your cards right you could just wheel and deal to fill your sack with Kronar the possibilities are nearly endless.

The Game

The Thing (a justice system explained in section C) will be responsible for helping to resolve conflicts and the innkeeper should be consulted regarding game questions or problems will playing "Deceptions At Drakkarsheim". He is impartial (unless bribed well) and is the final decision maker on all situations. Any instance when a player wants to do something to another player that they don't want to have detected, they should come to the Innkeeper. An example: the character comes to the Innkeeper because they want to poison someone. The Innkeeper will then observe him as the character attempts to sneak over and add poison to the victim's drink. Once the victim takes a drink, the character should then hand the victim the associated poison's card and the innkeeper will resolve any misunderstandings. Failure to inform the innkeeper shall place the judgment of your dispute up to the Thing.

Game Rules
Life points can not be sold, traded or exchanged.
Only public rooms can be used to play the game (Asgard, the Hoard and Valhalla)
One can only be killed after losing a challenge with no life-points.
When your script says to "Kill" someone it means you must deliver the death blow to complete that quest. If it says "Death" of someone you only need that person to die.

Resolving a Conflict
A conflict can be described as someone attempting to do something to someone else that they wouldn't normally want to happen to them. For instance, if I went up to a Viking and said, "I'd like to buy you a beer." There'd probably be no objection, but if I were to give him the beer and as he was drinking say, "By the way, I spit in it.", We'd have a conflict. Everyone starts the game with varying amounts of life-points depending upon your character. Life-points are lost by the old Norse "Runestone, Cloak and Ax" method, which is referred to in modern times as "Rock, Paper, Scissors".
Procedure for resolving conflict:
One challenges another to a fight.
Both must lay out a life-point card. (if the character getting challenged can't, then next loss is the death blow and you're dead)
Runestone, Cloak, Ax is performed.
The winner keeps his Life-point the loser gives one to the Innkeeper.
If the challenger loses, they give 1 Kronar to the winner.

*Important Note: Once a person is down to 0 life-points and loses one more time, they are out of the game and the person who killed them collects all their possessions except their Kronar. Certain characters may have potions or capabilities that they can use instead of giving up a life-point. One must possess a life-point to Challenge.

Potions, Information, and Other Objects
Most players will be carrying special items which will help them fulfill their QUEST or help them survive the evening. These items and abilities can be represented by cards describing them or by physical items on their person. The value of the object/information is negotiable at the time the service is rendered. There are also many here that will lie, cheat, steal and murder to get what they want. Listen to everyone; trust no one. Follow the directions associated with any of the objects/information you may gather. The right information could carry you far... the possibilities are nearly endless.

Usually these abilities and items are used in this way: The possessor of the item or ability will approach the intended victim and hand them the card. The victim will read the card and then do as it says. If the pair are alone somewhere when this transpires and they are unsure of the resolution, they should consult the innkeeper and/or bring the conflict to the Thing.
The Thing (pronounced "the thang")
The Vikings had the first lawyers in Europe and had a periodic gathering where justice was administered. Any disputes that are not resolved by conventional dueling shall be taken to the Thing. The Enforcer shall prosecute any defendant and represents Drakkarsheim when the Thing is in session. The Jarls right hand man the Huscarl shall be the defending attorney (when present). The Innkeeper will preside as Judge only to keep order. All decisions shall be that of the jury. When a hearing is to be held, an announcement will be made 5 minutes prior to the start of the jury selection so you have time for any unfinished business.

Below is example of a character dossier that you will receive once you are part of the mystery.

Your Character

Your Name: Hermod the Blacksmith (Divulging your full name may not be advantageous). You are the town Blacksmith hired by the Jarl several years ago to make sure we have arms in time of need. Your finger is on the pulse here in Drakkarsheim as your shop is where everyone comes to talk. As the local citizens stop by your shop you buy and sell information for a price.

You hate the shaman because she wants to bring an end to Ragnorok an if she does who will buy your swords and axes tis the age of ragnok that gives a blacksmith a good living. The shaman is well liked in the town and it would not be wise to kill her in the open so if you could get someone else top do your dirty work maybe you could get rid of her once and for all. Death of the Shaman would insure you stay in business for a long time to come.

When you were hired you were given a scroll to hold and give only to one who says "hark I hear Englishmen". And that you are to respond with "Oh tis sweet blood spilt" to this person you shall give the scroll. Little did they know when you were hired that if you could make any money on the side you would as long as no one finds out. If you can get this person or any other for that matter to buy the scroll you will.

The sword you posses was given to you by your father. You know he used it in many battles and it has always protected him. He called it widowmaker but you can call it anything you want if the Kronar is right and you want to sell it. If you had the Sword of Asgard one could have his own Kingdom and your already sick of working for this tyrant. If you had your way you would get the Sword of Asgard and Kill the Jarl so you could become Jarl yourself.

The Jarl has also informed you that the Spear of Loki was stolen last night and has learned that someone has come to procure the spear. You are to listen for the phrase "the snow is getting pretty deep out there". If you can find this man maybe you can get the eye for the Jarl or better yet sell it for many Kronar.

While in Drakkarsheim you are also focused on female companionship as you want to find a wench and settle down. You have a policy though, you don't buy what you can't test drive. You of all people can't get caught, as you know prostitution is illegal in Drakkarsheim. The only single women seem to have to relay on prostitution as their means of support so a mans got to do what a mans got to do. If you can't use your legal influence you can buy them.

The Quest

Lust of thy Loin Cards(3)
The Spear of Loki
Sword of Asgard
Death of the Shaman
As Blacksmith you have Lifepoint Cards(4)
* Impotrant Note: Be the first to complete your Quest and receive (15) Kronar or a Nordic Inn Stein
Potions, Information, and Other Objects
Since you are the ears of the town you possess (6) Random Information cards that are needed by people here in the INN tonight. You can sell them as random chance information or you select one that may be of interest to the buyer (you may want to price your information accordingly). I would not offer information without hard Kronar in hand.
Widowmaker the Sword

Scroll of unknown origin