Nordic Inn Dinner Theater
The Nordic Inn Immersion theater specializes in groups of 10-12. My interest in the inn is to create lifelong memories. So I decided to only do groups. when I am not busy with a group I am busy making my products which you can see at the Minnesota Rennisance and various events in the area. The cost is $2000.00 for up to 12 people. includes two nights of lodging, 2 huge Viking breakfasts, one dinner game, one dinner theater, use of my Viking outfits, more Kodak moments than you have film.... my bad jokes are free... but they are plentiful. That ends up being 167.00 a person for everything (based on 12 people) I challenge you to find what we provide for twice the price and half the fun.
Entertainment abounds at the Nordic Inn! our evening begins at a Viking Inn, but you must prove your worth to be "called" a Viking!

"Raid" through the night in full Viking attire.
"Pillage" the 4 Viking hors d'oeuvre trays from land, sea, and hearth.
"Burn" (optional- in designated areas only)
"Honor" the Viking Virtues - It won't take long, there aren't many of them.
"Battle" through challenges to earn your Viking name.

But make sure you've left room for a hearty 5-course Viking Feast. Then wind down the evening as the Nordic Players perform a take from Viking Mythology.
If you have energy left after this night of crazy fun and vicious laughter (and few do), join Steinarr at the Inn's bar for stimulating conversation and banter or retire to your deluxe suite for an evening of romance.

A Viking Dinner Mystery

The evening begins as you enter and become a character form medieval history. Your name and clothing are changed to fit the time period. Music fills the room and enchants you. You purchase a drink with Kronar and gain knowledge from the inn keeper. You learn form this era men were warriors and women were wenches. Your surprised that a wench was not a bad thing to be. More and more people arrive and you converse with them learning of their travels and knowledge. Mystery surrounds you as you learn more and more. There is a thief, a gypsy, a shamon, a Huscarl, a Jarl, and others around you, but who is who? Who can you trust, other than the law enforcer, and are you sure you can trust him? He too can be bought for a price.

Challenging others in battle is the way to go, or trick others into fighting for you. Finish your task and you can once again become your old self. Who knows? You may leave with a bag of kronar, too.

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