Horn Pricing

Our Horns are genuine cow horns. We have Drinking Horns and Blowing Horns. We also engrave horns with artwork both Medieval and Minnesota Viking type. Horns vary in size and shape. Pricing for blowing horns is by length. Drinking horns are priced by volume held. All Drinking horns come with a Horn Holster that attaches to your belt so you can carry your drink around. Because there are so many options we prefer you call (218-839-2900) in your order to get exactly what you want. 
Drinking horns are priced by volume held.
10 to 15 oz $30.00/80.00 engraved
16 to 20 oz $40.00/ 90.00 engraved
21 to 26 oz $50.00/100.00 engraved
27 to 32 oz $60.00/ 110.00 engraved
33 to 40 oz $70.00/ 130.00 engraved
41 to 48 oz $80.00/ 140.00 engraved
Blowing horns are priced by length:
10 to 14 inch blowing horn $35 plain/$85 engraved
14 to 18 inch blowing horn $50 plain/100 engraved
18 to 22 inch blowing horn $65 plain/$120 engraved
22 to24 inch blowing horn $75 plain/$135 engraved
Over 24+ inch blowing horn ( Fair Market Value )  

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