1. Freya's Bed
    Freya's Bed

Freya's Boudoir

Freya was the Viking Goddess of Love and Beauty, and as such would have preferred a soft and gentle room with comfort in mind. Freya's Boudoir is the perfect bed and breakfast room at the Nordic Inn for pampering, relaxation, and romance, designed with comforts that even Odin himself couldn't resist.

This spacious and luxurious bed and breakfast suite features a plush Queen Size bed, a large vanity dresser, and a peaceful reading area under a beautiful stained-glass window depicting Freya. The private bathroom also offers a bidet for the ultimate in creature comforts. The centerpiece to this suite is a large private Jacuzzi fit for a Goddess and completely surrounded by stone. Freya herself would feel right at home in this beautiful bed and breakfast room.