1. Jarl's Den - Bed
    Jarl's Den - Bed
  2. Jarl's Den - Jacuzzi
    Jarl's Den - Jacuzzi
  3. Jarl's Den - Decor
    Jarl's Den - Decor

The Jarls Den

In Viking history, Jarl's were the top level of a three-tiered social structure and considered chieftains that were in charge of their community, or kindred. He would prefer a rich and decadent feel to his quarters, and the Jarl's Den is the perfect bed and breakfast room at the Nordic Inn for that feeling of excess. This spacious and luxurious bed and breakfast suite features a large King Size bed, personal TV and VCR, and a breath-taking stained-glass window depicting Viking Mythology. The Jarl's Den also features a private bathroom and complete Viking decor. The centerpiece to this suite is an extra-large private Jacuzzi, which is completely surrounded by stone. As one of the most lavish bed and breakfast rooms at the Nordic Inn, this suite is truly fit for a Jarl.
Room Amenities
- King Size Bed - Private Jacuzzi
- Private Bathroom - Stained Glass Window
- TV / VCR

The Nordic Inn Immersion theater specializes in groups of 10-12. The cost is $2000.00 for up to 12 people. includes two nights of lodging, 2 huge Viking breakfasts, one dinner game, one dinner theater, use of my Viking outfits, more Kodak moments than you have film.... my bad jokes are free... but they are plentiful. That ends up being $167.00 a person for everything (based on 12 people) I challenge you to find what we provide for twice the price and half the fun!

To book your Viking experience please call 218-839-2900.
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